Our vision is for an environmentally resilient, economically prosperous and sustainable city that meets the needs of a diverse and growing population now and into the future.

To achieve this we need to develop a clear understanding of the community's thoughts and priorities around sustainability.

Your feedback will help shape Council's strategy and actions including:

  • Sustainability Policy and Sustainability Strategy - to guide us toward a more sustainable Council and City
  • Public programs and events - to enable education and action within our community

What activities would you most enjoy?

There are many options for how we deliver sustainability and environment programs. Choose at least two options from the list below. You can pick up to four options to support.
Your remaining points:
25 pts


Learn something in conversation with a local expert

  3 Supports (8%)
25 pts

Pre-recorded video

Hear from an exciting big-name guest speaker

  1 Supports (3%)
25 pts


Learn practical hands-on skills

  11 Supports (29%)
25 pts


Meet other like-minded people in Ipswich

  4 Supports (11%)
25 pts

How-to guides

Have written and video instructions on how to do it yourself

  10 Supports (26%)
25 pts


Giving your time to improving your local area

  6 Supports (16%)
25 pts

Trade show

Visit environmental and sustainbility suppliers who can help you

  3 Supports (8%)