What do you want for the Queens Park Environmental Education Centre?

We're in the early stages of gathering ideas for a future re-design and need your input.

Council's goal is for a centre that:

  • is an interactive space
  • has environmental themes relevant to life in Ipswich
  • is for all ages and abilities

We want to know how you feel about the current centre, and your ideas and vision for how it could be in the future!

Important - COVID-19 closure of centre

As of Saturday 21 March the Queens Park Environmental Education Centre will be closed until Sunday 31 May (initially) to minimise risk to staff, volunteers and visitors.

However we would still love your input to the below questions while the Centre is closed.

Your experience

Your top display

Your inspiration

What are your ideas on how we can make this the best environmental education centre?

You can write as many ideas as you like!

15 May, 2020

J.Hellens says:

“The possum boxes on display are great - but why not sell them and bee hotels and other ways to interact with nature in backyards. ”

15 May, 2020

J.Hellens says:

“Connections to the council nursery (like samples for sale) and ideas about local Bush Tucker native plants would be great too.”

15 May, 2020

J.Hellens says:

“It would be great to have a frequently updated table of children's and adult books, stuffed toys + other conservation related stuff on sale.”

15 May, 2020

J.Hellens says:

“The murals/buttons/trees are excellent. Maybe add a 'treasure hunt' style page for children to tick off animals/plants as they find them.”

14 May, 2020

Andy says:

“A display such as touch screen with information on feeding wildlife and why it is often unnecessary to feed except during bad conditions.”

8 May, 2020

CarlyG says:

“The centre needs a refresh, would be great if there could be different exhibitions/pop-ups from time to time.”

7 May, 2020

Jpin says:

“I love things you can take a photo with - whether it's a life-sized animal, or an interactive frame.”

7 May, 2020

Lightside says:

“Having information that can easily tell me how to protect the environment more in my everyday life. Interactive displays.”

25 March, 2020

Jpin says:

“We've been coming for years and the displays are the same. The kids still love it! But as adults it would be great for rotating displays.”