There are exciting opportunities for council and the community to work together and create real change in how we reduce Ipswich’s waste going to landfill.

Did you know, an Ipswich household, on average, sends about one tonne of waste to landfill each year?

More than 70% of that could be diverted out of landfill right now.

This is important because Ipswich has ambitious state and national targets we need to meet.

  • By 2025, every person in Ipswich needs to reduce their waste by 10 per cent
  • By 2025, Ipswich needs to divert 55% of our city's waste from landfill
  • By 2030, Ipswich needs to halve the amount of our organic waste we send to landfill.

With the population of Ipswich expected to double in the next 20 years, combined with council’s ageing waste infrastructure, Ipswich needs a proactive strategy to meet waste reduction and resource recovery targets.

Council's plan to meet these challenges is called the Materials Recovery Plan. It sets out how the City of Ipswich deals with waste generated within Ipswich, by the Ipswich community.

This plan is due for review - and a lot has changed since it was adopted in 2017.

Snapshot of survey findings

The 'Reducing Our Waste' survey had 351 contributions on Shape Your Ipswich. Some key findings are below.

You can find the full engagement report in the Document Library below.