The story so far

Council is starting a conversation with the community about our 20 year vision for Ipswich - your vision, our journey, council’s plan: iFuture.

Over the last month, the Mayor, Councillors, council's Executive team and representative community members developed a draft 20 year community vision and strategic themes. The vision and themes will set the strategic direction for Council’s operations in the long and short term.

Now, council wants to hear from the whole community. Tell us your thoughts and ideas on the draft vision and themes by completing the survey below, or by 'voting' on the strategic themes. Alternatively, you can participate in creative visioning, drop into any of our community centres or participate in an upcoming online community conversation (see iFuture events).

Draft Community Vision survey

Consider the strategic themes

iFuture Creative Competition

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Children &Youth category

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Council is starting a month long conversation with the community about your vision, our journey, Council’s plan: iFuture. Over the last month, the Mayor, Councillors and representative community members have worked hard to develop a draft 20 year community vision. This will help guide our Corporate Plan. The vision will set the direction for what the city to look, feel and be like in 20 years’ time. The Corporate Plan (2021-2026) will be our ‘road map’ for how we start our journey towards our vision. The vision will guide all of Council’s work for the next 20 years. We want to hear from all members of the community on this important project. Tell us what you think about the proposed vision and the Corporate Plan at iFuture: On 16 October we’ll close community engagement and analyse all comments. Council will consider community feedback when finalizing the vision and Corporate Plan. You will have an opportunity to view the draft document in February 2021. #iFuture